Bad Faith (Witbier) 4-Pack


5.0% ABV
Tasting Notes: Sunshine, Freshly Squeezed, Citrus Spice, Fluffy, Peak Season
4 X 16 oz. cans

Our take on Belgian Witbier, one of our favorite- yet generally underrated- styles of beer. (You may be familiar with the barrel-aged version of Bad Faith Witbier we'd bottled previously.)

Classic witbier recipes use malted wheat, raw wheat, coriander and dried orange peel. We turn it up by swapping regular degular dried orange peel for the raw peel and freshly-squeezed juice of blood oranges. We peeled and juiced the oranges in-house on brew day and sourced raw wheat locally from New York state. The result is a fresh, bright, more orange-forward character vs. your classic witbier, paired with a soft mouthfeel. 

It's sunshine in a glass. Trust us.