Threes Brewing 1/6 Keg (Order Tap Separately, If You Need One)


Our current beers available in kegs are listed on this page. Choose one from the drop down menu above and add to your cart.

Ordering for Pickup?
You can pick up a keg from us in Gowanus or Huntington. Be sure to ONLY choose either the "Keg Pick Up - Gowanus" or  "Huntington" location during checkout.  

Ordering for Delivery?
You can get a keg delivered to you, curbside, for no additional charge.

For office building deliveries, we apply a $20 delivery fee that you can add to your cart by clicking here.

Need a Tap or Party Pump?
If you need a tap for the keg, you can rent one from us here by adding it to your cart along with the keg.

How much beer is in a 1/6 barrel keg (sixtel)?
A sixtel has 5.2 gallons or about 40 pints.

What do you have available in kegs right now?
We have a roster of rotating lagers and IPAs available for pickup and local delivery. Please note that we do not have Logical Conclusion or Vliet in kegs.

Can I have a keg of something else?
Sorry, at any time, we offer only what’s listed in the drop down options on this page. You can get lot of other stuff in cans though!

But how do I pour the beer?
If you need a party pump, you have to tell us, as we have a limited supply. We can rent one to you for a small fee, pending availability. We don’t sell CO2 but we can recommend people who do.

If you’re using a party pump, be advised that introducing oxygen into the keg affects the quality of the product after 24 hours. Basically, only rent a party pump if you are having a party and don’t intend to drink the keg beyond that.

What about the empty keg?
We do not charge a deposit fee for our kegs, but we simply request that the empty keg is returned in a timely fashion and contact information is given, otherwise we will charge a $100 missing keg fee. We do not accept other breweries' kegs as a substitute for our own, nor do we fill kegs from other breweries. If you ordered a keg for delivery, to arrange a pickup of the empty keg, reach out to us at

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