Nothing is Forever Brandy & Bourbon (Imperial Stout)

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Imperial Stout Aged in Brandy & Bourbon Barrels
10% ABV
Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Dark Fruit, Attenuated, Hearth
12 oz. cans

Change is inevitable. We're building up our inventory of barrel-aged strong ales to experiment with flavor. This brand new iteration of our Barrel Aged Imperial Stout speaks to the evolution of our blending program. Our original imperial stout forms the base of this beer, to which we applied the double barrel treatment- a total of 16+ months of aging in a combination of Old Fitzgerald bourbon barrels and grape-based brandy barrels.

Each barrel imparted notes characteristic of the base spirit they'd previously housed. The bourbon barrels were dripping with vanilla and sweet bourbon, and the brandy barrels with floral, spice, and 'punchy hot' grape character. The net effect of combining the two blends is a dynamic sipper with tons of explosive character, not for the faint of heart.
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