Out of Focus (Extra Special Bitter)

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Extra Special Bitter
4.4% ABV
Tasting Notes: Orange Marmalade, Golden Raisin, Autumn Honey, Toasted English Muffin, Shift Beer 
4 X 16 oz. cans

English-style ales are rich with tradition and some of the most balanced beers on the planet, representative of the pub culture we strive to cultivate in our taprooms. That being said, they're equally as fun to throw back at home. We were excited to release The World is Flat, our English Extra, for the first time in cans last year (thank you, pandemic, for this and nothing else.. except maybe beer delivery). Out of Focus is our next and newest release in this category of beers, a certified pub pounder by the pint.

A companion piece to The World is Flat, Out of Focus is related but distinct. It's an ESB, or Extra Special Bitter, a classic English style known for firm hop character, delicate (not overwhelming) bitterness, and toasty malt backbone. UK Fuggle and Styrian Golding hops impart a black tea-meets-rosewater character. Choice English malts lend outstanding natural flavor and color; pour it into a glass and admire its lovely amber hue.

When things aren't super clear, it's useful to have a point of reference. Out of Focus is the more traditional, toastier, tea-like counterpart to the lighter, fruitier, more rounded World Is Flat. Understanding each elevates the experience of the other.
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