Sound of Exclamation: Port (Barleywine Aged in a Port Barrel) 330ml


Barleywine Aged in a Port Barrel
Limit 2 Per Customer
11% ABV
Tasting Notes: Liquid Fig Newtons, Balsamic Glaze, That (Humidor) Vibe, Unctuous, Zach's Barrel.
330ml bottle

Introducing one of our most prized releases to date, offered in our smallest bottle ever.

Sound of Exclamation: Port is a true labor of love. We acquired a special barrel that had housed Tawny Port for over 20 years and filled that barrel with barleywine originally brewed in November 2019. The beer aged patiently in this one-of-a-kind barrel for 15 months before bottling, resulting in an elixir that brings forth big notes of dark cherry, raspberry, and, naturally, Port wine. 

This vintage is distinctly different from the other Sound of Exclamation in that it leans way more into dark fruit vs. boozy vanilla bourbon. Also, that one was presented in cans. The distinct and outstanding flavor of SoE: Port informed its branding and bottling- each was hand-filled and hand-labeled, making all 20 cases (yup, that's it!) that much more precious.

Pro tip: Grab one bottle to stock, and another to rock. Enjoy it now or later, aged under proper conditions for years to come.
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