Vliet + Logical Conclusion Mixed 24-Pack
Pilsner & IPA


Pilsner/ IPA Mixed Case
24 X 16 oz. cans total; 12 of each style

Vliet (Pilsner) 
5.1% ABV
Tasting Notes: Clean, Sweet Hay, Herbal Hops, Verdant
Winner, Best Overall Beer, New York State Craft Beer Competition (2017)

Logical Conclusion (IPA)
7% ABV
Tasting Notes: Ripe Peach, Gushers, Fluffy Wheat, Coniferous, White Minerals
Winner, Gold Medal, Hazy IPA Category, New York State Craft Beer Competition (2019)

Two of our most celebrated beers in one package. If you're new to Threes Brewing, this is a great intro to how we approach beer in two favorite styles. If you're not new to our beer, this is a classic assortment to have on hand. Because sometimes you just want to hear the hits without having to sit through the new album... know what we mean?

For more detail on these beers, or to buy a full case of either, please see here for Vliet and here for Logical Conclusion.