What's The Point? (Can Conditioned Extra Hoppy Ale)

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Can-Conditioned Extra Hoppy Ale
Tasting Notes: Prickly Pear, Firecracker, Lemon Flesh, Blow Pop, Coating
5.5% ABV 
16 oz. cans

Millions of people have been asking themselves this question since ancient times. Some folks come to conclusions, however, many do not. Whether we're conscious of it or not, we're all looking to define our purpose in this absurd universe.

For a beer called What's The Point?, the brewing process was actually quite involved. It's an ode to one of our low-key favorite beers of all time, Taras Boulba, a Belgian-style session ale rarely found stateside (Hint: you may be able to find some at our brewery now, but you must act fast).

Like Taras Boulba, What's the Point is a heavily noble-hopped beer with an expressive Belgian yeast strain. Hopping in the kettle with German Saaz & German Tettnanger lends sharp, verdant waves of citrus and resinous hop character. Fermentation with our house Belgian saison culture imparts a bone-dry finish, and finally, a light dry hop with a fruit-forward French hop (Aramis) yields a delicate, floral and sweet character.

Decant this beer into a glass to enjoy the natural tiny bubbles resulting from can conditioning. As the beer releases carbonation and settles out over time, it unveils special aromas of spring flowers, mixed berries, fresh cut grass and hay.
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