Table Beer (Saison)

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4.5% ABV
Tasting Notes: Lemon Flesh, Cracked Wheat, Fresh, Soft
4 X 16 oz. cans

Indeed, Table Beer is a thing. Both brand name and beer category, Table Beer is akin to table wine. It is low ABV, often a Belgian style, and intended for casual consumption as an accompaniment to a meal, for as long as you and your guests decide to linger around the table.

Our Table Beer Saison is a portfolio staple, simple in the best possible way. It's not the same as Barrel Aged Table Beer. It's a classic saison- very dry, aromatic, slightly peppery- not tart like others in our portfolio (Wandering Bine and The Dictator Is The People).

Because Table Beer is so pared back, integrity of ingredient sourcing and precise brewing techniques is of utmost importance. Table Beer is brewed with New York State hops and with Red Fife Heritage Wheat from Gianforte Farm. The hops are tame, there to establish balance. Flavor-forward Red Fife wheat contributes a grounding minerality that you just can't get from mass-produced wheat varieties.

However, it's our house Saison culture that does the heavy lifting in terms of imparting flavor. It's aromatic with slight bubblegum, and leaves behind awesome notes of lemon flesh. It's standard to bottle condition these types of beers (aka re-ferment them in the package) to unlock a bonus layer of flavor, so of course we can-conditioned. After several weeks, this beer will develop additional carbonation, greater complexity, and shelf stability, so stock up for your next feast with friends.
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