Little Did We Know (Dark Mild with Forest Honey - Collab with Forest & Main)

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Dark Mild Brewed with Forest Honey
3.4% ABV
Tasting Notes: RC Cola®, Bergamot, Cocoa Krispies, Toast
4 X 16 oz. cans

Little Did We Know is another Forest & Main collaboration, the spiritual companion to Slowly We Learn. It's an English Dark Mild, whereas Slowly We Learn is a mixed fermentation saison. Both beers were brewed with honey sourced from Mind Your Hives, an apiary founded and run by Greg Lehman (one of Forest & Main's own) and his wife, Kara Jo. Whereas Slowly features wildflower honey, Little Did We Know features late summer "forest honey". We'll get into what that means in just a moment.

With Slowly We Learn, our house mixed culture was aged with raw honey to bear a host of interesting, dry, funky flavors. The aim of Little Did We Know, in contrast, was to create a clean beer with integrated honey and English dark beer character. "Forest honey" encompasses both the name of the collaboration brewery, as well as the fact that the bees sourced their nectar from the forest surrounding Greg & Kara Jo's home. The honey is characterized by notes of dried dates, plum skins, a few marshmallows, golden raisins, "broken wooden chair parts" (cool vintage chairs, obviously), sassy oolong tea, and clean malt. Because we wanted to keep its flavor intact, we added the honey mid-fermentation.

The beer itself is deep brown with black undertones, possessing refreshing chocolate depth and tea-like hop character. Drinks incredibly full and smooth for 3.4% ABV. Perfect hop, malt body and honey balance. Is this the one of the best dark beers we've made this year? We're not saying no.

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