Wellspring (Doppelbock Collab with Folksbier)

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7.5% ABV
Tasting Notes: Auburn, Crisp Autumn Leaves, Black Cherry, Nut Brown, Manhattan.
4 X 12 oz. cans

The search for your winter-to-spring transition lager is over.

For a brewery that leans towards simplicity and balance, Doppelbock could be considered a challenge. This German lager is malt-forward at its core and unfolds in successive waves of complex malt character. It's easy to brew them too strong and too sweet.

We enlisted our best Brooklyn brewery buds at Folksbier to pay homage to this under-represented style. Mellow, subtly wine-like, surprisingly fruit-forward, toasty and elegant, this beer is plain fun to drink. We're beyond thrilled with the outcome. 
Brewed with fine German Munich malt, German noble hops, and lagered for 8 weeks, these 12 oz. can cuties are pour brown with a reddish hue into your glass
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