Online Virtual Beer Tasting - Ticket & Tasting Kit - "Lager Lovers"


We're bringing the Threes Tasting Room to you! Please join us on Wed Jan 26 2022 at 8pm.

Vliet. Ever heard of it?

Kidding. Not kidding. Regarded by many as New York’s premium pilsner, our signature lager has become a way of life for some (like us). We’re more than a little obsessed with lager, and love exploring the range of this style and putting our modern twist on its classical variations.

If nothing else, learn the correct pronunciation of Vliet so you can order it loud and proud next time you’re at the bar (and help us teach everyone else how to pronounce it. Thank you in advance).

You’ll uncover:

- What makes a great lager
- What a foudre is and why beers that come out of a foudre are so damn delicious!
- How lagers are different from ales and why you should care
- Hilarity, and a sense of belonging

You’ll receive:

- Four different beers
- A custom tasting mat and instructions
- Access to a one-hour live virtual session led by a member of our Threes Brewing team
- Free shipping for this item only*

*This item will be available for delivery or shipping 2 weeks before the event. Orders with additional items are subject to a shipping fee and will be held until then.

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