Faux Pas (Hoppy Blonde Ale)

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Hoppy Blonde Ale
5.0% ABV
Tasting Notes: Black Lime, Berry Berry Kix™, Garibaldi, Playful Bitterness, Spritely 
16 oz. cans

Our portfolio of packaged ales (excluding saisons) consists mainly of IPAs or Pale Ales. We stretched it a bit further with our recent venture into West Coast styles, though these beers technically still fall under the Pale Ale umbrella. Though The World is Flat may represent the exception among our hoppy ales, it could still be categorized as an English-style Pale Ale.

Faux Pas was born out of a desire to make an ale that's distinctly neither IPA or Pale Ale. No disrespect to those styles - we brew a lot of those too. But if you're looking for a hoppy option that's a little lighter on the palate (and a lower ABV), we suggest you give this hoppy blonde a go. Drinking soft and finishing crisp (without resinous or sticky mouthfeel), Faux Pas could even be considered the sessionable counterpart to The World Is Flat.

If you find yourself not wanting to be that person who only drinks IPAs, even if just for an afternoon, grab this brand new brew.
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