Atomic Swerve 500ml (Mixed Culture IPA)


Mixed Culture IPA hopped with Galaxy & Strata
6.3% ABV
Tasting Notes: Sparkling Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Fluffy, Peach Nectar, Guava. 
500ml bottle

The perfect bridge between saison and hoppy beer.
Tastes like a guava, passionfruit smoothie.

Yes, both these statements are about the same beer. Atomic Swerve is one of our O.G. brands revamped into a mixed culture IPA that's both funky and hoppy, dry and drinkable.

Biotransformation is the process by which mixed culture interacts with fresh hop character to completely transform it. Yeast and hop character collide, amplifying each other by surprising degrees of magnitude. For Atomic Swerve, we moved a portion of hoppy beer onto one of our mixed cultures to initiate a secondary fermentation. After three months, we bottled it to not only initiate a third fermentation, but also to develop natural carbonation (one month).

The result is an aged, dry, complex presentation of hop character that tastes like a (non-sweet) guava passionfruit smoothie... despite not having been brewed with fruit. Phantom fruit flavor? Truly mind-blowing. Count us in.
This beer is absolutely unlike any of our other bottled beers. Although we're planning more iterations of this beer in the future, this initial batch (best drunk fresh, rather than cellared) is limited to 50 cases. Jump on it.

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