Voluntary Exile (Baltic Porter)

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Baltic Porter
9.2% ABV
Tasting Notes: Tobacco, Silky, Brisket Rub, 81% Cacao, Near-Anise
4 X 12 oz. cans

The biggest lager in our portfolio. You read that right... baltic porter is lager. Are we blowing your mind right now? Clocking in at 9.2%, pitch black, a touch smoky, dry and incredibly smooth, it's a release we all look forward to. 

It has a ton going on, but drinks smooth, easy, dry and creamy, bucking the trend of dark, super sweet, high-ABV beers. Precise and intentional, the most important ingredient in this beer is time. It gets better with each passing day. As a lager-focused brewery, we pride ourselves on these little things. Enjoy it around the evening fire pit.

If you enjoy Volition Black Lager, this one will be right up your alley. 
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