Yore (10 Plato Czech Pilsner)

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Czech Pilsner
3.9% ABV
Tasting Notes: Wet Hay, Noble Spice, Beer, Clean & Crispy, Old World.
Made with 100% Czech-grown Saaz hops from Live Oak Brewing and 100% Moravian Floor Malted Czech Pilsner malt 
16 oz. cans

A fresh drop of our first Czech-style session pilsner, inspired by the rich SVĚTLÉ Pivo brewing tradition. It's a testament to the beloved Czech lager craft and to the beers we enjoy drinking both carelessly and studiously. Clocking in at 3.9% (and 10° Plato), what it lacks in ABV it makes up for in rich malt character and rolling hop expression.

Like most pilsners, it's confined to a few simple ingredients: Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, lager yeast and soft water. This batch of Yore is brewed with 100% Moravian Floor Malted Czech Pilsner malt from a small Czech maltster. Complex and dynamic, this specialty malt adds deeper grain notes to the brew; expect to see it featured in future batches of Czech lager.

With simple ingredients, it's possible to brew pilsners with a range nearly as broad as American IPAs. Try Yore alongside our flagship Vliet to taste the diversity in our pilsners for yourself. 
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