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You've found a way to work together. We've designed a way to happy hour. Build culture & camaraderie with our curated beer boxes, delivered directly to their door. Wanna learn more about what's in the box? Virtual guided tastings led by Threes Brewing staff are also available upon request.  

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Vliet and Logical in cans and glasses

Tour the best of the brewery, coming at you straight from our Brooklyn birthplace. Get to know our approach to brewing beer with a tour of our highly acclaimed flagships: Vliet, our award-winning premium pilsner, Logical Conclusion, our award-winning IPA, and Wandering Bine, a saison, and one of the first beers we brewed- period.

Lager cans
book a VIRTUAL tasting

Listen, learn and laugh as you taste beer with a member of Threes Brewing staff. Simply log onto Zoom- we'll bring the warm hospitality we're known for in our spaces to your screen.

IPA can samples
IPA All Day

If you're the kind that prefers to keep Happy Hour hoppy, respect. Get started with our year-round, award-winning Logical Conclusion IPA accompanied by a chorus of IPAs, DIPAs (that’s a double, in case you didn't know) and Pale Ales to back up our star. If you like beer that's a little bit extra and don’t shy from the juice bombs, you can hang with this crowd.

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