Consider the Opposite: Collaboration with Allagash Brewing (Wild Ale with Blueberries) 500ml


American Wild Ale
Aged in Oak with Maine Wild Blueberries
6.0% ABV
Tasting Notes:  Sweet Cedar, Red Currant, Fruit Roll Up, Jammy
500ml bottle

Our 5th collaboration with Allagash Brewery, Consider the Opposite captures the essence of the Maine landscape and the formative tradition of wild farmhouse brewing.

Brewed entirely with Maine-grown ingredients and fermented with Maine air. For real - the same air that ferments Allagash's legendary spontaneous coolship beers. We laid this beer to rest in wine barrels, aged it in oak for six months, then racked it onto freshly-picked Maine wild blueberries.

Slow-conditioned in the bottle, this beer is a love letter written to Allagash's craft and respect for tradition. We pored over each word, like a suitor in a Jane Austen novel armed with fresh ink and a fountain pen. The beer pours an alluring light purple and is low acidity with big notes of blueberry jam and blueberry wine. Pairs well with a funky, flavorful cheese.