Crying on the Inside (IPA) 24-Pack


IPA hopped with Galaxy and Amarillo
6.7% ABV
Tasting Notes: Blood Orange, Rainbow Sorbet, White Papaya, Orange Tic Tacs, Resin
24 X 16 oz. cans

We hand-select our hops. When we find a special lot, we sign up for a bunch.

That's what happened with the Amarillo we used to brew this batch of Crying on the Inside. We weren't even shopping for Amarillo during this particular hop harvest but fortuitously ended up visiting a small and highly-regarded farm. We were so blown away by the quality that we ended up doubling down.

We found it to be less resinous than other Amarillo we've come across, more bright grapefruit- and lemon spritz-forward. It's also featured in forthcoming batches of I Hate Myself IPA and Good Trouble DIPA, so you have something to look forward to if you're a fan of this one.