Divine Symmetry 500ml
Oak-Aged Flanders Style Ale with Cherries


Oak-Aged Flanders Ale 
with whole NYS Montmorency Cherries
6.5% ABV
Tasting Notes:  Pie Cherry, Red Currants, Cinnamon, Warm Almonds, Layered Acidity
500ml bottle

Flanders Red is a Belgian-style beer known for its bracing acidity, enhanced body (especially compared to modern sour beers) and complexity. This is a a particularly nuanced style that should be semi-intense, rich, and layered, vs. simply sharp and acidic, when done right.

Ours is fermented and aged in a Slovenian Wine Cask (1 year) and then transferred onto whole NYS Montmorency Cherries for further conditioning before bottling. It tracks on the lower end of the sour spectrum, and displays both fresh fruit- as well as pronounced cherry pit-character.  Pair it with your favorite cheese or a decadent chocolate cake or cheesecake.

Divine Symmetry is one of our more involved brewing projects (an average of two years to make) and therefore happens once every couple of years. We think this batch is cohesive, balanced, and something really special.