Don't Fool Yourself (Citra Double IPA)

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Citra Double IPA
7.8% ABV
Tasting Notes: Piña Colada Slurpee, Citrastank, Coconut Cream, Tiki, Jooce.
16 oz. cans

Introducing our newest Double IPA. Not only is this beer jam-packed with 100% brewer-selected Citra, we've also loaded it up with Citra Cryo Powder from Perrault Farms in Yakima Valley, WA. This hoppy double is among our most explosive yet drinkable Double IPAs yet, thanks to fermentation using a special, “old school” American Ale yeast which imparts a lighter, drier feel.

Fans of Constant Disappointment won’t be let down by this beer, which is essentially its Double IPA doppelgänger.
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