Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More (Imperial Stout)

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Imperial Stout
10% ABV
Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Toasted Malt, Dark Fruit, Warming, Rich.
4 X 12 oz. cans

We make Everything is Forever... only once- at most twice- per year and have dialed it in without having to add lactose or unnecessary adjuncts. Make no mistake though, this beer is big: in fact, it takes 2 brews to make 1 batch of this Imperial Stout in order for us to hit the 10% ABV and the rich depth we are looking for. The result is a beer with enough structure to stand up to its strength.

Luscious, silky and more reminiscent of a dark chocolate dessert with figs and raspberry than a roasted booze-bomb. This is an example of when too much of a good thing actually is a good thing.

Does the dark fruit sound familiar? That's because this is the non-barrel aged version of Nothing is Forever.
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