Here Ya Go 4-Pack (Pale Ale)

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Pale Ale hopped with Citra and Strata
Tasting Notes:  Gobstopper, Pink Starburst, Juicy Fruit (25¢), The Rainbow, Everlasting.
5% ABV
4X 16 oz. cans

When the people (you people) asked for a Pale Ale, our response was, Here Ya Go. To keep things interesting for everyone (the brew team and our customers) Here Ya Go is brewed with a rotating hop bill. It’s a great vehicle to test and try new hop varieties, new combinations of hops and trusted favorites.

This batch is brewed with an entirely new crop of hand-selected Citra. We use Citra a lot. It's in our flagship IPA Logical Conclusion and many of our IPAs.  Consider this a first taste of what's to come from our beers brewed with Citra this year. 

There's also Strata in here (you'll recognize it from Dare to Know), which is pretty much ultra-Citra. And one of the most exciting varieties of hops we've worked with.
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