Indelible (Czech Dark Lager)

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Czech Dark Lager
4.4% ABV
Tasting Notes: Dark Roast, Black Licorice, Rum & Coke, Pine Sap, Plum Fruit Leather.
4 X 16 oz. cans

In Nov 2019, our head brewer traveled to the Czech Republic for pilsner, but returned home and couldn't stop thinking about Czech dark lager.  

Indelible is a wink to what we consider a historic and important style just starting to get its due in the craft world. Known as Tmavé Pivo, this beer showcases roasty malt complexity in a way that's creamy, highly drinkable and low ABV. This release completes our Czech lager trifecta (Yore and Lifeworld round out the trio).

Where Volition (our German style Black Lager) is dry and drinkable with slight dark German pretzel roast notes, Indelible leans towards rich chocolate, bearing full flavor, creamy, smooth texture, and finishing at just 4.4%.

As with Yore and Lifeworld, Indelible is brewed with 100% Czech ingredients and is largely differentiated from the German lagers in our lineup by the Czech lager yeast used in fermentation (German yeast results in drier, crisper beers; Czech yeast, richer and fuller ones). 
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