Life Is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans (Czech Pilsner) 4-Pack


Czech Pilsner
Collab with Smith & Lentz (Nashville, TN)
5% ABV
Tasting Notes: Old World, Cracker, Barley Tea, Saazy, Dried Flowers.
4 X 16 oz. cans
10% of sale proceeds go to Smith & Lentz Brewing towards tornado relief efforts

We'd been obsessing back and forth over the recipe for this beer with the Smith & Lentz crew until half their brewery was taken out by a tornado and we were ordered into worldwide lockdown the week after. 

With their blessing, we moved forward with the brew in Brooklyn. While we were simultaneously scrambling to process the distressing news, this beer lagered away in the tank, cold and slow, sheltered from the chaos. Pilsner- especially Czech Pilsner- rewards patience. The prize is a pils that's richer than Vliet, with waves of Czech hop character from Czech-grown Saaz generously supplied by the fine folks at Live Oak Brewing Co.

Life is what happened when we were busy making other plans; beer is what happened when we began to figure out where to go from there. 

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