Regional Dialekt (Kolsch)

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4.8% ABV
Tasting Notes: Fresh Baked, Honey, White Grape, White Tea, Pleasantly Prickly.
4 X 16 oz. cans

Regional Dialekt is our Kolsch style ale. Neither ale nor lager, Kolsch sits right smack between the two styles, borrowing elements of each. It's technically fermented with a particular ale yeast cold, which mimics lager-like flavors with a fruity, full, and mineral je ne sais quoi. It's champagne-like and dry, yet fruity and a little wine-like, while tasting like a full-bodied bready lager. It's truly a style of finesse.

At the same time, there's something singular about Kolsch that makes it special. Originating in Cologne, Germany, the style continues to dominate the city's beer culture. It's customary to visit a brewpub and receive a card onto which the bartender tallies every .2L pour you get throughout the night; there is no second option. Which keeps things simple, but is also a slippery slope.... not that we know from experience.

We wanted to do this simple, nuanced, challenging style justice. Brewed with a single Kolsch malt originating from Cologne, a classic noble hop variety, and a Kolsch ale yeast, we fermented this one cold and slow, giving each ingredient its time to bloom. Naturally carbonated as per tradition and conditioned for six weeks before canning, it's best enjoyed from our Kolsch glass.

Winner, Gold Medal, Golden/Blonde Ale Category, New York State Craft Beer Competition (2021). 
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