Source of Truth (Oak-Aged Saison) - Collaboration with The Rare Barrel 500ml

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Oak-Aged Saison with Nectarines and Peaches
Collaboration with The Rare Barrel (Berkeley, CA)
6.5% ABV
Tasting Notes: Peach Nectar, Gummy Worms, Chenin Blanc, Salty Ocean Breeze, California Dreamin’
Fruit sourced from Blossom Bluff Orchards (Fresno County, CA)
500ml bottle

This release is the first in a pair of "bicoastal" beauties that highlight the importance of ingredient sourcing and whole fruit terroir on long-aged beer, made with our friends The Rare Barrel, who are known for their mixed culture, barrel-aged beers.

Both beers began as a single batch of saison aged in wine barrels with RB's house culture. We divided the batch into two and re-fermented each half on peak season fruit from either coast. This first release uses whole organic peaches and nectarines grown in Blossom Bluff Orchards of Fresno County.  Long-aged for 12 months in total, it's a dry, tart, bright fruit stunner made for sipping in the sun.

Is West Coast the best coast? We think both will be pretty delicious, but have to wait a few months for the East Coast release to taste the final verdict.
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