Temporary Identity 24-Pack (Mosaic IPA)


Mosaic IPA
6.8% ABV
Tasting Notes: Green Pineapple, Hawaiian Punch™, Sap, Dry
4 X 16 oz. cans

The notion of identity evolves over the course of one’s life. We have no control over some aspects, such as where we're from, or the color of our skin. However, we can decide how to spend our time and choose what to believe. Perhaps less important is what beer one decides to drink... or is it?

This hazy IPA is single-hopped with Mosaic and flashes big aromas of pineapple with notes of pine, citrus, and Hawaiian Punch. A medium-bodied ale, Temporary ID balances juicy flavor with a crispness that makes it utterly pleasurable.

Whether or not you believe what to you choose to drink in some way defines who you are, it's a choice nonetheless... so enjoy it while it lasts.

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