The View From Nowhere 24-Pack (IPA)


IPA hopped with Strata, Ariana and Motueka
6.2% ABV
Tasting Notes:  Mango Sorbet, Candied Tangerine Peels, Orange, Soft, Airy. 
24 X 16 oz. cans

Each of us is a particular person in a particular place with our own unique view of the world; a frame of reference we can recognize as just one aspect of the whole. 

The beer is called The View From Nowhere but the hop profile of this batch says otherwise. It showcases Strata from the Pacific NW, Ariana from Germany, and Motueka from New Zealand, all three of which are among our favorite hop growing regions worldwide.

Fun Fact: we put more oats in this beer than any IPA in our portfolio. Doubling down on oats lends a ton of haze and a super soft, lush body. This beer (and label) give us major tropical vibes, but you don't have to be anywhere special to enjoy it.

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