Thought Experiment Blueberry 750ml
Saison Ale


Saison Ale brewed with Second-Use Blueberries
4.7% ABV
Tasting Notes: TBD
750ml bottle

Thought Experiment Blueberry is the first in a new series of sustainable fruited beers. By "sustainable", we mean brewed with second-use fruit. In this instance, the fruit are blueberries from our recent Allagash Brewing collaboration Consider The Opposite.

Once Consider The Opposite became ready for bottling, we transferred it off the blueberries and in its place introduced a young batch of Table Beer Saison. The blueberries were already pretty great because they were wild ones from Maine, but they got even more funky following fermentation. What makes Thought Experiment Blueberry particularly exciting is that the effect of using Allagash's spontaneous culture was compounded and continues to carry through to this beer.

We're floored by the flavor of this inaugural batch. Less intense and jammy than Consider The Opposite, Thought Experiment Blueberry exhibits a more complex flavor profile, yet retains plenty of fruit character. It's got defined tartness with a simple, clean finish and can be read as reminiscent of light, spritzy natural wine. Proof that seconds can be far from sloppy, we present it in a clear vessel so you can drink in its gorgeousness with your lips and eyes.