Online Virtual Beer Tasting (For Two) - Ticket & Tasting Kit - "Trio of Bottled Beers"


We're bringing the Threes Tasting Room to you!

This one is for the wine lovers, sour aficionados, card-carrying members of the Finer Things Club, and also makes for a great “date night”, which we guess is a thing although we’re not sure how we feel about it.

During this session for two you’ll sample elegantly funky saisons and mixed culture beers. Everyone’s heard of lagers and IPAs; here you’ll discover that beer can be so much more than that. Why does drinking beer from a bottle make us feel fancy? Who knows? Who cares! Pinkies up!

You’ll learn:

- What characterizes saisons and mixed culture beers
- Why beers can be aged in a barrel and what that entails
- How to pair these elegant beers with food

You’ll receive:

- Three bottles of beer made for sharing
- A custom tasting mat
- Two stem glasses (that’s how you know we fancy)
- Access to a one-hour live virtual session led by a member of our Threes Brewing team
- Free shipping for this item only*

*This item ships to ONE location and will be available for delivery or shipping two weeks before the event. Orders with additional items are subject to a shipping fee and will be held until then.

Want to organize a group or team tasting? Learn more here!
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