Unmitigated (Can Conditioned Kellerbier)

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Can Conditioned Kellerbier
5.0% ABV
Tasting Notes: Sweet Hay, Herbal, Wild Berry, Meadow, Bouncy Castles
4 X 16 oz. cans

We like to delve deep into technique. Rarely do we brew a single style of beer and let it be after that. (If you haven't tried one of our Czech lagers, you're dead to us. We don't actually mean that.) Unmitigated is the first in a series of can conditioned beers we've got lined up since the release of Versimilitude, our previous collaboration with Resident Culture. We'll highlight a single hop in each release, whichever continental lager hop we're currently nerding out about. The hops of choice for this beer were 100% German Saaz.

Can conditioning refers to the process of packaging beer flat (without bubbles) and generating natural carbonation from inside the can. Kellerbiers are young lagers with noticeable yeast character; bright and fresh beers from the Franconian region of Germany. Typically unfiltered, they bear a slight haze, softness, and noticeable yeast character. 

We put our own spin on this historical style by pitching Krausen from actively fermenting Helles (you know it as What Might Have Been) into a finished batch of lager right at the moment of canning. The remainder of fermentation took place in the sealed can, carbonating the beer. After three weeks of chillin' in our conditioning room, it's finally ready to enjoy.
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