Verisimilitude - Collaboration with Resident Culture 4-Pack (Can Conditioned Kellerbier)


Can Conditioned Kellerbier
Collaboration with Resident Culture Brewing
5% ABV
Tasting Notes:  Sweet Hay, Herbal, Lemon/Lime, Meadow, Really Good
4 X 16 oz. cans

It's a must for every lager lover to travel to the Franconian countryside in Germany and hop from brewery to brewery to taste the endless interpretations of Kellerbier. Since it's not possible to do this at the moment, we thought we'd share the Franconian tradition via Brooklyn by way of this inspired collaboration with our friends at Resident Culture (North Carolina).

There's a raw simplicity to Franconian-style kellerbiers. They're often young lagers, with a noticeable haze and fresh hop character. This doesn't mean they're hazy or hoppy beers; on the contrary, they're simple, smooth, and creamy lagers. The role of yeast is to enhance flavor. 

Versimilitude is an unfiltered lager, can conditioned for up to three weeks with Krausen lifted from an actively fermenting batch of Helles from our cellar. Our aspiration was to evoke the simplicity of and honor the rich tradition of brewing Franconian Kellerbier.

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