Vignes du Maynes Bourgogne Aligoté ‘Aligo Rythm’ 2018 (White)


Vignes du Maynes Bourgogne Aligoté ‘Aligo Rythm’ 2018
Aligoté doré & Aligoté vert
12% ABV
Tasting Notes: Fresh, Mineral, Citrusy, Lighter Body, Easy Drinking.
1 X 750ml bottle

A biodynamic wine from the Guillot family in the Macon. From a winemaker committed to organic and biodynamic farming practices for over twenty years, this spontaneously fermented cuvée was their first white vinified without any added sulfites. The single-vineyard they source from yields small clusters of aligoté doré & aligoté vert, which makes for a concentrated, ripe & zesty white with great salinity and a nice, low ABV.

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