Year of Beer - Quarterly Beer Box


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Beer! For a Year! Like a wine club, but with beer.

You or the recipient of your choosing will receive a mixed case of delicious Threes beer every three months featuring a curated seasonal selection. From hoppy ales and lagers, to saisons and lesser-known styles that your beer drinking buddies will be impressed you've heard of, try them all. We've brewed over 250 different beers over the years, so if you're new to our portfolio, this would be a great place to start.

How It Works:
- You'll receive six 4-packs of beer in each
- We'll ship or deliver your quarterly beer box every 3 months, starting immediately with our Winter mixed case.

Perfect for:
- People that love trying new beer
- People that love Threes Brewing
- People that love surprises
- Pretty much anyone that likes to have fun

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