Edge Of Consciousness (Double IPA)

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Double IPA hopped with Vic Secret and Nelson Sauvin
Tasting Notes: Inner Mango, Pine Sap, Lingonberry, Purple As Flavor, Imperial Tang
8% ABV
4X 16 oz. cans

Our consciousness defines the framework in which we live. The Edge Of Consciousness represents those moments when we're teetering on the precipice before we fully open our hearts and minds and go all in.

Edge is our Double IPA and this batch features Vic Secret (which tastes like Galaxy) and Nelson (you know, that white wine joint). The combined flavor profile has a characteristic tropical fruit meets kiwi meets pineapple meets papaya meets tiki cocktail meets juice soaked clouds meets cowabunga dude vibe. It sounds like a lot, but so is embracing a whole new world view.

If you're looking to embrace Double IPAs, grab New New Low, one of our Double Dry Hopped IPAs.
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