People Power 2020 4-Pack (Dry Hopped Pilsner)


Dry-Hopped Pilsner
5.0% ABV
Tasting Notes:  Lawnmower, Verdant, Matcha, Wet Hay, Oily
4 X 16 oz. cans
10% of proceeds benefit the ACLU

We (craft brewers across the U.S.) brew People Power Beer in support of the ACLU's work to protect civil liberties and voting rights. This initiative is named to compliment the ACLU's mobilization effort to effect meaningful policy change at local, state, and national levels. The urgency cannot be understated in this particular election year.

Participating breweries will release their respective People Power beer between the symbolic bookends of Independence Day, July 4th, and Election Day, November 3rd and donate 10% of proceeds to the ACLU.

This initiative is unique in that each brewery can brew any beer they like- there's no set recipe. This year, we brewed a dry-hopped pilsner with German Saphir hops. Compared with Vliet, our flagship pilsner, Saphir adds a sleek floral high note to Vliety herbal undertones. If you were a fan of our 5th Anniversary beer, Vainglorious, we're confident you'll like this one too. 

Enjoy responsibly and get out and vote.

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